What does the new Early Offer Policy mean for Pursuit?

I have recently been elected as the Missouri South Regional Representative for the Gateway Volleyball Board.  The board considered many options in preparation for potential COVID-19 changes and keeping an athlete first mentality.  For the 2020-2021 season, Gateway Region has amended the tryout policy with the hopes to create security and peace of mind for our families.  Our goal is to help the athletes if, for whatever reason, tryout weekend could not happen.  

Below, I will explain the Pursuit tryout process and include links to the new Gateway Policy.  You will also be receiving an email from Gateway Region. 

Gateway Region Early Offer Period Policy for the 2020-2021 season: 

  • A club can extend offers to players who were rostered members of the same club for the 2019-2020 season.  
  • Offers can be made for specific teams or Age Group Offers
  • Pursuit believes it is fair to create opportunities for players to make the top team in each age group.  We want all players to have that chance to move up. 
  • We will extend minimal offers for the Elite and National teams. Each age group’s situation is unique and the number of offers will differ.   For example, we may offer anywhere from 5-8 players a place on the Elite team leaving space for other players to earn spots on the top team during tryouts. 
  • With our Age Group offers, similarly, we will leave space for newcomers to ensure a fair tryout process.  
  • Not all 2019-2020 Pursuit players will be extended an offer, however, we do encourage all to try out.  
  • Offers will be emailed through the 2020-2021 Early Offer Period Binding Commitment Letter, signed documents must be emailed back.
  • Tryout Weekend and the process will remain the same with both groups attending: signed players and unsigned players.  We will make comparisons and decisions seeing all athletes together during tryouts and evaluate the best fit for each player. 

Boys Timeline
Sept 1st - 8th: Clubs can make offers
Sept 15th 7:00 pm:  Deadline for commitment

Girls Timeline 11u-18u
Oct 1st - 8th: Clubs can make offers
Oct 15th 7:00 pm:  Deadline for commitment

What to expect when a Pursuit player commits during the early offer period:

  • Signed offers must be emailed back as we will forward all offers to Gateway's legal department.  We will include specifics on this later.
  • Log in or create a Sports Engine account and register your Gateway Membership associated with Pursuit.  We will include specifics on this later.  Sports Engine is new and replacing Gateway’s old system.
  • The only financial commitment for parents during the early signing period will be the $50.00 Gateway membership paid online through SportsEngine.  
  • All must be completed prior to the 7:00 pm deadline, or the offer is void and the athlete will try out with everyone else.
  • Congratulations, you are committed to Pursuit! 

What to expect when a Pursuit player declines an offer during the early offer period:

  • Declining an offer made by Pursuit, just means you are undecided.
  • We think of it as “not accepting” the offer, rather than declining. 
  • The athlete is now a Free Agent and may attend alternate tryouts. 
  • The initial early offer will be void and can attend Pursuit tryouts with everyone else. 

We will be very honest and transparent with parents and players during the early offer period and welcome conversations about where we see their potential. Again, players who were extended Age Group offers can still make a top team at the tryout.  We will re-evaluate all players during tryouts, make moves accordingly, and finalize Pursuit Teams.   I know this is new and a lot of info, thank you for your patience and let me know if you have questions.  Be sure to check out the two Gateway attachments, they are more specific. We really think this can help our athletes with some peace of mind and security in these uncertain times.  We are looking forward to another awesome Pursuit season and will adapt as we need to in order to serve our athletes.  

Thank you,
Julie Kinnaman

Club Director, Owner

Pursuit Volleyball Academy


Boys Commitment Night:  Mon Sept 28th 6:00-8:00

11u-14u Commitment Night:  Tues Oct 27th 6:00-8:00

HS Commitment Night:  Tues Nov 24th 6:00-8:00​​

12u BOYS Tryout Date: 

Saturday, September 26th



Monday, September 28th  6:00-8:00

$20.00 Tryout Fee

15u-18u Girls Tryouts:

Saturday, November 21st

9:00-11:00 am

Parent meeting at 9:00

*Note.  Tryout waivers MUST be signed by a parent and athlete.  If parents are unable to attend, please print the waiver in advance and have it to turn in at tryouts.  

** Note. We will have hard copies of all forms available at tryouts.

**Note. All Medical Forms are to be Notarized by our Pursuit Commitment Night.  We will have hard copies available at tryouts, but if you would like to Print one here, you can get it finished early.

13u Girls Tryouts:

Typically 7th graders

Saturday, October 24th

1:00-3:00 pm

Parent meeting at 1:00


11u & 12u Girls Tryouts:

Typically 5th & 6th graders

Friday, October 23rd

6:00-8:00 PM

Parent meeting at 6:00


​​​Better Training. Better Experience. Better Results. 

14u Girls Tryouts:

Typically 8th graders

Saturday, October 24th

9:00-11:00 am

Parent meeting at 9:00